Blog 48 – July 23/07/2018
The Day After

Today was originally scheduled as a rehearsal, but the plan changed a few weeks back. Some of the cast brought there luggage’s ready to put in the van going up north.

We started off by talking about the preview. We were all on a buzz of how it went, but we all knew that we could still take it to the next level. So we discussed how it went, and what could we do to make it even better.

After this chat, instead of having a rehearsal, we decide to have a little social and go bowling! We had worked so hard, we all deserved to enjoy ourselves after last night!

Once bowling had finished, some of us said bye and safe travels, as the next time some of us would meet, it would be in Edinburgh…


Blog 47 – July 22/07/2018

It was time. After several months of rehearsals, the time had come to take to the stage! The set was dropped off at the theatre in the morning, but the call time was 3pm, with the tech starting at 4pm. Our tech ran smoothly, even the on duty tech at the Drayton Arms was impressed we knew what we were doing with lights and sound.

We only had a few hours to do a cue to cue, and one last full run before the doors would open. We were all excited and eager to perform, especially with the amount of audience that was in, including a reviewer!

It was 7pm, the audience was in, and it was show time! It was great hearing backstage the audience reactions, and feeling the energy in the room on the stage. It was refreshing; it encouraged each of us to give more in the performance.

And then it was over! It went so quick! We were all delighted with how it went, and over the moon with how well received it was from the audience.

We had done it. The preview was done. We had performed it in front of an audience. Now we feel….we are ready for Edinburgh!


Blog 46 – July 17/07/2018

Preview Before the Preview!

In five days time we will be heading into central London to perform our Preview before the fringe. We are all excited and can’t wait to get on that stage. Today was all about ironing the little details out. Last week we went through each of our prop journeys, and so today we got to put that into practice. The runs we did were a lot smoother than previously, as everyone focused on what they had to do in the show. Transitions, costume changes and prop movement was all slick. We are excited. We are ready!!


Blog 45 – July 13/07/2018


Alongside a rehearsal with a few of the actors, doing line runs and working on certain scenes, we had a few deliveries arrive! First was our personalised promotional jackets which the whole cast will be wearing up in Edinburgh when flyering, to advertise the show even more. The second delivery was the flyers themselves! 15,000 flyers ready to be distributed. Edinburgh is getting nearer and nearer, and we are getting more excited as the days count down.


Blog 44 – July 10/07/2018

What’s your Prop journey

After yesterday’s run through, it was important we worked on certain aspects of the show. We went through each individuals costume changes, and prop journeys. The latter was to recognise what props each person interacted with, and where those props end up as the scene goes on. This was extremely helpful as everyone got a clearer understanding of what they were doing.


Blog 43 – July 09/07/2018

Run through with everything

The whole cast was excited today as this was going to be our first run with everything!! Sound, props, costumes and set! We were all eager to crack on with a run to see how it looks.

By the end of the run, we weren’t entirely pleased with how it went. I think a big factor was trying to remember everything; costume changes, prop movement, and set change, as well as the lines themselves!

It was the first time we had everything in a run, so it was always going to be a bit difficult and not a perfect run. But we can learn from what happened and move on, try to figure out the best way to do everything and give an amazing show!


Blog 42 – July 03/07/2018

Anyone Up for Some Movement?

Today’s rehearsal went really well! Over the past week, there have been a slight few changes to the script, in particular a transition towards the end of the show. We wanted to created some movement with our set, to represent the tone of a specific relationship between characters. We spent all of today’s rehearsal creating just that, and it does look good! One reason that it worked really well was due to our set idea change not too long ago. It has changed for the best; allowing us more space on stage and creating a movement section using the shapes of this set.


Blog 41 – July 02/07/2018

And…..Cue Sound 1!

We do love a good rehearsal in the park. And we have been extremely lucky with the weather! Always sunshine! At today’s rehearsal, we had Gianluca Zona, our technician for Edinburgh and now the London Preview,  present to do the sound/music cues. It was great having him there as we could all start to hear the sounds that will be in the show. It’s all taking shape. Just 20 days until the Preview!!


Blog 40 – June 25/06/2018

Let’s Run Through the Park

Back in Hyde Park and we had our Assistant Director, Megan, watching the rehearsal. Today was particularly exciting as we had our first full run of the show off script! It was great running through everything and you could see the journey of the characters. It was also a good chance to see if anything didn’t work, as we still have time to change a few bits around.


Blog 39 – June 24/06/2018


We had a nice trip up to Cambridge for today’s rehearsal, and the emphasis of today was on everyone’s entrances, exits, and transition changes on stage. This was to ensure everyone knows where to put their costumes for the show, and to plan the best way for all the actors to exit the stage and get changed into another costume. As we have a few scenes in the show, there is a few set change/prop changes in the transitions, so we had to plan who was moving what.


Blog 38 – June 18/06/2018 

Pencil Jumps in Hyde Park

Today we decided to go to a new location for our rehearsal, and so took Face 2 Face to Hyde Park. The sun was in full force today making it a lovely day to rehearse, shame no one had sun cream!! We were putting some final touches to the last scene, and now the whole script has been worked on. We even had time to do some snazzy rehearsal snaps, including some perfectly timed pencil jumps…


Blog 37 – June 15/06/2018

50 Days!!

It’s Friday and the weekend is almost here! But rehearsals must plow on! It’s 50 days until the Fringe begins! Time has flown by and we are on the final approach. Rehearsals are going well, all the actors are finding something new in each scene, taking it to the next level! Let’s keep the momentum going!!


Blog 36 – June 11/06/2018

Back to Virtual Reality!

Rehearsal’s was back on, and being off-script is imminent! Everything is looking great and sounding great. Some props arrived in the post, and we managed to play some of the tracks that we recorded yesterday. Face 2 Face is taking shape nicely!


Blog 35 – June 10/06/2018

What did you say Ed?………Sing!?

Today was originally a rehearsal, but it was cancelled for a very important reason – we were going into a studio to record the vocals to some of the music in the show! We have worked with the amazing musician Gerard Day in some of our previous events, and he was well on board with contributing once again.


Over the course of the past few months, he has been creating the SFXs, the music transitions between each scene, and the music used specifically in one part of the script. Today was the time to record the last piece of the puzzle and add the vocals, sung by the talented Sophie Hurst.

At first, the systems didn’t seem to want to work for us, and was maybe going to have to reschedule. However, the technology God’s were on our side and we managed to crack on.

The final version sounds fantastic! The show is coming closer and closer together with each new aspect being added to what we have created thus far!


Blog 34 – June 06/06/2018

Programme Launch!

Today the official Edinburgh Fringe programme was launched all over the UK in selected venue for free collection. Now the public could physically hold the book and look through the vast amount of shows being performed. But if you turn to page 334 and look at the top, you may see something familiar….


Blog 33 – June 04/06/2018

Diving Into the Unknown!

Rehearsal took a slightly different turn. The original plan was to rehearse a few scenes, get the lines down…which we did to a certain extent. We managed to go on a tangent, a good one though! What started off as basic questions and discussion about certain parts of the script, turned into diving straight into characters relationships and locations within the story! It’s great to see so much backstory behind each and every character!


Blog 32 – June 03/06/2018

2 Months To Go!

Another rehearsal and another new location. This time we were rehearsing in Cambridge, and what a lovely day it was too! Summer has officially started, and the countdown has officially begun! In exactly 2 months time we will opening for the very first time in Edinburgh!!


Blog 31 – May 28/05/2018


Everyone arrived early and after breaking down the plan for the day, the photographer, Lyons Photography, arrived. A quick debrief and quick costume change, and we were away!!

We got some great shots, both portrait and landscape, which looked great with the lighting and costumes. After the photographing was finished, we continued the rest of the day rehearsing Face 2 Face.

We can’t wait to see the final edited photos which we will be used with our press release that will be sent out next week.


Blog 30 – May 27/05/2018

Lights, Camera…..

Despite the crazy downpour of rain across London the night before, it never stopped rehearsals from continuing. Today wasn’t just a normal rehearsal; we were planning for our Promo Shoot which was the next day!

All the cast brought in different costume options for their characters and we could see what worked best, not just individually but in terms of relationships with other characters. We then spent the afternoon planning what images we were going to have photos of, and staged them with lighting to give us an idea of what we were going to do tomorrow.

We all felt pretty confident with our choices and couldn’t wait for the next day!


Blog 29 – May 20/05/2018

Sunny Weekend, no WINDS-OR rain

Apart from the fact this weekend was special for the royals (congratulations!), we had a rehearsal on this lovely sunny Sunday. As each rehearsal passes, it’s great seeing cast members again who haven’t had a rehearsal for while.
It was all about catching up with what’s been happening, and moving forward with the next scene, allowing them the chance to delve deep into their own characters.

We are in good stead – however, next weekend will be a busy few days, and we then it will be the end of the month….and then June….two months away for the FRINGE!!


Blog 28 – May 16/05/2018

In the Deep End

We went to a new rehearsal venue today, which was one of our cast members house, situated near Romford!

Today’s rehearsal was about progressing to the next scene and working on characters more. We really went in deep with the characters as an observation turned into an hour conversation about each of the characters back stories. This was very useful though as these back stories will shape how the actor will convey each line. They audience may not know the history of each character, but they will understand how you are saying certain lines. In the next weeks, we will definitely be diving deeper into the past to create a timeline between all the characters.


Blog 27 – May 15/05/2018

Party In Rehearsals

After a few weeks since our last rehearsal, we were back at it. Today was all about remembering what we did previously at our fantastic session with Megan. It was also a good chance to do quite a few line runs, to really get the words and lines sunk in to our systems.

We did were party hats as it was our unofficial mascot’s birthday today (Leo the cat, who just turned 1). It was great seeing Leo engaged in our rehearsal, even wanting to be in the scene at a few points!


Blog 26 – April 25/04/2018

Progress, Progress, Progress

Two exciting progressions today on our Road To Fringe!

1.) Today we finally booked our vans!!

Going up to Edinburgh isn’t just taking a performance to a venue – it requires set for the show and luggage to help live for a month. So we have managed to book a van going up, and a van coming back, all within our initial budget too!  Another piece of the Admin Jigsaw Puzzle completed!

2.) We had a very special guest today!

Megan, who has worked with us in previous events as an actor, has been helping us with the production side for Edinburgh, and now is coming in as AD for the show. It was great having her there as it allowed an outside eye to come in, and give some amazing thoughts and ideas to the actors.

Everyday seems like progress is being made….which is good seeing as today is 100 days until the Fringe starts!!


Blog 25 – April 23/04/2018

Shakespeare’s Shaved Time

St Georges Day and Shakespeare’s Birthday marked another day of rehearsal with the full cast. We got straight to it and went over all the blocking again, just to remind everyone what the movement was. Once we went through all of that, we decided to time each scene.

When we first did a read through of the script a few months ago, it was running at around 1 hour 17 minutes. But over the past few weeks, we have edited and cut parts of the script, and gotten more familiar with the lines which would help the pace. So we felt it was important to see where we were at in terms of time now.

After timing each scene, we have managed to cut the show down to 48 minutes!! We have managed to cut it down 30 minutes which is incredible!! HOWEVER…..this is excluding transition times, and other bits we have planned for the show, so we will still need to cut a little bit. But nevertheless, we are definitely on the right track!!


Blog 24 – April 21/04/2018

We’re Going Up….Might as well Make the Most of it

No rehearsals today.

Instead, some of the cast headed into London to the Soho Theatre to attend the talk “How to Make the Most of the Fringe”, organised by the Fringe Society. The talk by Katie and Alan was very useful and helpful. They covered areas such as flyering and writing your press release, and we got some great tips! After the talk, we managed to chat with the Fringe representatives, as well as many of the other performers going up to Edinburgh, some of which are performing in the same venue!! It was a great talk, and a great day to network with other creatives!


Blog 23 – April 18/04/2018

Springing Towards the Fringe

Today was going to be a good day as for the first time in a very long time…..the sun was out and we could feel heat! That alone puts a smile on everyone’s face, but also the fact that as each rehearsal passes, we get closer and closer to performing in Scotland.

And that it was 50 days until the Fringe programme launch!

Today was a case of doing a few more cuts throughout the piece, so that when we do our next full cast rehearsal, we can run it all with everything blocked and cut, and then we can see where we are at for a rough time for the show.


Blog 22 – April 16/04/2018

Full House and Blocked In

Today’s rehearsal saw us have our first full cast rehearsal in a rehearsal venue we had yet to get the script up on its feet in. It was great getting everyone together again to put this show on, and it was even more exciting as we managed to complete blocking the entire play!

Now we know all our basic movements in each scene, we can start cracking on with the nitty and gritty parts!


Blog 21 – April 15/04/2018

Making a Song of it

Sundays are usually rest days….however, when you have a show to put on in a few months, there isn’t much time to rest. So today we had another rehearsal, continuing to block both new and old scenes.

But we did notice something interesting about the script. There seems to be some dialogue which had some similarities with song lyrics, which made rehearsing a bit interesting as some spontaneous singing took place. But when you rehearsing Sunday’s, why not sing?!


Blog 20 – April 13/04/2018


Another rehearsal, back to back, and it was rehearsal number 5! So far, so good! Relationships between characters are really blooming, and characters are developing. We are so close to having blocked the whole script in only a handful of rehearsals!

And despite the date, it was truly a lucky day as we checked out ticket sales for the Fringe so far, and we are up to 50!! We will have an audience for 15 of the 21 shows we are performing. Truly Amazing! (and not so unlucky!)


Blog 19 – April 12/04/2018

Back to the Future…

Back into rehearsals for Face 2 Face. We had different cast members present so we could crack on with blocking new scenes. Everyday we are seeing the script come more to life, making the Edinburgh dream more of a reality. All of the actors are slowly playing around with their characters at each rehearsal, it will be exciting to focus on character work once the whole play has been blocked.


Blog 18 – April 10/04/2018

Virtual Productivity

Today was a very productive day!!

A lot was accomplished today within only a handful of hours:

  • We started to plan our rehearsal schedule for the next few months
  • We booked a photographer for our promo shots
  • We have obtained some fantastic props for the show
  • We have paid for our slot for our London Preview
  • We have discussed plans with a Videographer for a promo video

We are making strong head way with all the build up to Edinburgh, and getting more excited as each day passes!


Blog 17 – April 09/04/2018

Two thirds down…one to go!

We start the week off with some more rain, but the April showers were never going to stop us. We were doing another rehearsal, with different cast members and a new location. Like the previous day, we blocked new scenes with different characters, which has put us in really good stead for the next few weeks. We have now blocked around ⅔ of the show in only a handful of rehearsals! Once all the scenes are blocked, we can crack on with the acting without worrying about the movement each character will be doing.


Blog 16 – April 08/04/2018

Don’t Rain on My Rehearsal

After our 2nd Birthday celebrations, we were back in the rehearsal rooms to crack on with the play, and block some more scenes. The rain may have been coming down, but that wasn’t going to stop us! Today we were rehearsing in a much bigger space than usual, which meant we could measure out fully the dimensions of our space. It was great to see exactly what we were going to act in, as the sooner we rehearse in accurate stage size, the better!

We also got some set out, and played around a  bit more with ideas – how to use it creatively and effectively within the show. Face 2 Face is taking shape slowly, slowly.


Blog 15 – April 05/04/2018


We had an Admin Meeting today to talk about the next stages of putting on our show. There is still lots that need to be done such as booking the van to take up the set, creating the flyers and posters, and thinking of different marketing tools to help make this journey even more of a success.

Today also marked the 2nd birthday for Two Stones One Bird! On 5th April 2016, we created TSOB to put on original performances and work with performers who are dedicated, determined and hard working to make great art. And we have seen the support for our journey increase with each event we had done!!

We have put on some great events – our launch event in the Summer of 2016, our very first public event O.W.N which showcased some incredible original writing, a Shakespeare gender-switched monologue/duologue night All The World’s A Stage, the big ARTS fundraiser last summer celebrate all arts (from acting and music, to photography and language), and now to going up to EDINBURGH FRINGE 2018.

Who knows where we will be when we hit 3 years old….


Blog 14 – April 03/04/2018

Face 2 Face…..we have lift off!

Today marked the day we officially started rehearsing the show!

After many admin meetings and planning our show, we actually started today to create the show. It was the first time the script was up on its feet, and bringing the words to life. We also did a bit more discussion about the possible set as well, as we need to start creating, building and painting it very soon!

It was great doing some acting, on a day which was exactly 4 months until the start of the fringe!!


Blog 13 – March 05/03/2018

Plan your Work, and Work your Plan

After two weeks of script meetings, we were back this week focusing on admin for Edinburgh. There is still plenty that needs to sort out in the upcoming months such as travel plans for the cast, van hire for the set, post-fringe transfers and even a London preview before going up.

We also scheduled into our diaries April rehearsals, in which the show will be up on it’s feet for the very first time!


Blog 12 – February 26/02/2018

What can I say…except…You’re Welcome!


Another week, another script meeting. We continued to plow on with the script edits, and now it is looking B-E-A-UUUU-TIFUL! It looks a lot snapier and flows better, we all can’t wait to get it up on it’s feet.

We also were all set the task of finding songs that represented two things:

  1. Songs that represent our character (s)
  2. Songs that represent the piece as a whole

 We listened to everyone’s songs, and discussed who we thought chose what song. It was very interesting to listen and find out what everyone chose, as there was some really great choices!


Blog 11 – February 19/02/2018

Time’s getting on! (cue Pinter)


Today was the first rehearsal/workshop with our script for the fringe, Face 2 Face. We did a readthrough of the whole piece, and timed it to gauge an approximate running time. The good news is that we have lots of great content running at 1 hour 17 mins!

However, our show slot is only 50 minutes at the Fringe!! We need to pick out the best bits of the piece and make it the 5 min ‘Match of the Day’ highlights of a 90min football match!

Nevertheless, with the team we have, we have started to make great progress with the editing!!

We have also sold 21 tickets for the Fringe so far, which is the same number of shows that we are performing in!


Blog 10 – February 06/02/2018



The cast was back to meet up to discuss the admin side of taking a show to Edinburgh; the rehearsals will begin shortly. Fittingly we all met up to discuss in a coffee shop (seeing as the majority of the play is set in one!)

There is still so much to look into and sort out, such as raising money, potential sponsorship, costs that need to be covered, venues and people to contact.

We also needed to start planning when future meetings were going to take place, for both the admin and the rehearsal.


Blog 9 – February 01/02/2018

Launch Day


Today was a very busy day for numerous reasons:

  1. Today marked the first day that tickets went on sale via
  2. Today marked the launch of our donations page on GoFundMe
  3. Today marked the launch of this website

As a lot was being launched, we needed to make sure all our social medias were up to date showing all the details. Alongside the social media, the script was also being updated as our first rehearsal workshop is coming up later in the month.


In the evening, we did have two exciting bits of news which put the cherry on the top of this productive day:

  1. The first two tickets of our show were purchased online at edfringe, not even 12 hours after the first went on sale!
  2. We got our first donation through on our donations page


So much went on today, and it was great seeing results already from all our hard work.

But there is still a lot to do in the upcoming months.


Blog 8 – January 23/01/2018



We have officially been approved today on via the Edinburgh Fringe Registration!!

Now we will be doing a ton of research on marketing and promoting, ready to launch the show on February 1st!



Blog 7 – January 18/01/2018

Registration IN!


Today was a very productive day. Sophie and Luke have accomplished 3 big feats in just a few short hours.

  1. We successfully completed our fringe registration, which included filling in information about the show, length of run and uploading an image of our show. We have to pay a fee in order to perform at the fringe. All we need to do now is wait for approval and confirmation before officially being online to sell tickets.
  2. We then went on to complete our donations page on It has all the information about what we are doing, rewards for donations and a nice photo of the cast at a meeting. A video will be uploaded soon that needs to be edited, which we recorded at the previous meeting. Soon we will be able to start sharing the link to start getting donations.
  3. We also did some more editing on our website, which is really starting to take shape. It’s got a great theme and fantastic photos that really makes it engaging to browse.

In a short few weeks, once the registration has been approved, everything will be live! The website, the gofundme page and tickets for the show!


Blog 6 – January 15/01/2018



Today was a very exciting day for two reasons:

  1. It marked our first meeting of 2018 with the whole company (YAY)
  2. It was exactly 200 days to the day until the Fringe would begin (slightly scary!)


Prior to the meeting, everyone had been set tasks which they had to research and present back to everyone in the meeting; from travelling up to Edinburgh, to promotional business cards, to this very website too!


It was great seeing everyone again since our first, and only, meeting back in November, and everyone was really excited and eager to get going with our journey.

We also did some more read throughs of the script, to see everyone trying the different characters before a final decision will be made in the coming days.


The last thing we did was to film our video for the gofundme page that will be set up. Edinburgh is such a gigantic task, which costs an arm and a leg, so setting up a donations page is inevitable! We even created our hashtag for this project (#roadtofringe) which will be seen our all our social media posts…we even had time to create a jazzy fist bump style motion for the hashtag too!


Blog 5 – January 08/01/2018

First steps into the New Year


After having a Christmas break, we are back with only 7 months to go before the Festival begins. As you can imagine, there is still a lot of work to do. Today actually marks the day that the Fringe Registration begins, meaning we can officially apply to perform. To apply, you must have a venue willing to take on your show….CHECK!!


Today we are working on our schedules to allow the cast to work their day to day jobs, and attend meetings and rehearsals over the coming months.  


We are set to workshop our script in February, and hoping to put on a preview in June, all whilst working on admin, flyers, press releases, fundraising, travel plans, set building, technical factors, and keeping each other SANE!!


Blog 4 – November

We need youuuuuu


Aside from venue and accommodation, another big factor was deciding on the right cast to represent Two Stones One Bird in Edinburgh. We wanted to choose actors that we know can perform, have a laugh and work hard. By mid November, we had meetings with each of the individuals, outlining budgets and what is to be expected, and everyone signed on the dotted line!


Our wonderful cast includes:

Sophie Hurst

Luke Mazzamuto

David Sewell

Aimee Richardson

Josh Arow

Larissa Oates


These six young creative explorers will be embarking on the journey that is….EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL 2018!!


Blog 3 –  November

Setting the scene


At first we thought of ginormous sheets of MDF, big fancy backdrops, and props coming out of our ears – then we realised…this is Fringe.

Fringe is small scale; the stage, cast and set all need to be adaptable. We spent hours drawing (and acting out) different set designs, which would take up the least amount of space on stage and in the storage room at the venue. We have a nifty idea. Visually it looks great. But we are still figuring out the logistics; it’s not 100% finalised. You will just have to wait and see…


Blog 2 – October

Choosing a space…. well theSpace


When looking at venues, we wanted to find something close to the centre, with a decent size space, that has an affordable price tag. We narrowed down our list to our top 3 venues, checking out their locations and specifications. Our first port of call was to drop them an email. Afterwards, we called one of the venues known as theSpaceUK, asking how to apply to perform with them. We had an in depth chat about the style of the piece, content of the script, ideal venue  capacity, and realistic stage size. We were given a few different options that fitted our criteria, and after discussing with our team, we decided to choose Theatre 3, theSpace @ Surgeons Hall !


Going into November, we were on top of the world having secured both the venue and accommodation, as these were the two biggest elements that could make or break our fringe.


BLOG 1  – July/August

The Fringe?


We first started thinking about Edinburgh in the run up to our ARTS fundraiser last July. we hoped that the money we raised would give us the opportunity to take a show to the Fringe. After the success of the fundraiser, we knew it could be a reality and not just a dream.


Over the summer, we went to experience the fringe festival as audience members. It was an incredible atmosphere, being surrounded by other creatives putting their heart and soul into something they believe in. We were so inspired by our friends Ben and Megan (also known as Little Mountain Theatre Company) who took on the challenge for the first time that year, and absolutely smashed it!!


Once we came back down to London, we had the confidence to take on the challenge in 2018. We started endless research into venues, accommodation, funding, travel, marketing and cast.


We looked into different accomodation sites, and tried to figure out how to house 6 people for the whole 3 week run. We found uni accommodation which fit our specifications, and kept us right in the heart of the festival. So we booked it!